My Life Goals Essay

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While growing up my parents pushed me to be the best person I could be and to this day I still push myself towards that goal. To reach some of my goals I have put myself into college classes and part-time PSEO. I want to prepare myself for the future by getting a head start and completing these courses. By doing this I am going to have to center my life goals around leadership, scholarship, service and character. Leadership is something that is important in my life. Ever since I was young I've been a strong leader. I strongly show leadership on the soccer and basketball team. I speak up for my teammates, pick everyone up when they're down, help people out on the playing grounds and just being open to anyone. I want my teammates to trust me and I hope they'll always know I'm going to be there for them, I also do the same to my friends and classmates around me during the year. I want to see what other kind of leaders are in my class and learn from them. I want to gain a lot of experience being a strong leader and NHS can do this for me. Being a role model to the younger students at our school is something I strive to do. I want kids to get into good habits and have a healthy lifestyle throughout high school. Not only will I learn from being a leader, I will encourage people to concentrate on what needs to be done so in the end everyone can feel their goal was accomplished. Service is also an important to me. When I was younger I was involved in Girl Scouts. My troop often

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