My Life Goals : Life Of Goals And Happiness

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Life of Goals and Happiness Helen Keller once stated “when one door of happiness closes another opens; but often we stare so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that opened for us.” Throughout life many live in the past instead of the moving on and growing. When I think back and believe to be looking at a closed door it was when I was growing up, opening a door to a relationship, new opportunities and being able to reach out of my comfort zone. I did not realize how much of an impact these little things could cause. Growing up and staring at a closed door of happiness for me was holding on to my childhood. No wanting to leave home for college after being here for 18 years. The changes I would have to make and the new life challenges I would have to face. Leaving home which too me is my close knit hometown of family and friends. Wanting to continue to be “daddy's little girl” twenty four/seven. All the little things growing up has to offer scared me. Growing up threw more challenges at me to test me and my goals. I can not give up on my goals it is a baby step to life. Going off to college terrifies me, but to fulfill my dreams of becoming a vet with a specialization in reproduction would not be achievable, I was showed by my dream and heart to close the door which, lead moving on to the next. My next door of happiness after closing the last I chose to “put my big girl panties on” and grow, which lead me to a relationship.This was more than a door of

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