My Life In College

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Life is a winding road that goes through mountains and over water, but also through mud, ice, and snow. What I mean by that is that life is something very short, filled with beautiful moments as well as dark and disturbing ones (well, if we are being technical, life is the longest thing any of us will experience). One moment that nobody can seem to decide which category it belongs in, is college. College for some people can be this once-in-a lifetime experience that creates friendship, memories, and everlasting knowledge. While for others it is absolute misery and stress. Regardless of all of that, college is an incredibly tough decision that comes down to intelligence, money, and future careers. All of which are choices of which many people fear to make in life. Bowling Green and Findlay University both seem to be very sound and reasonable choices; however, Bowling Green looks to be the better choice due to costs and their business programs. As for Bowling Green, which is my first choice, was actually the second college I had visited. It had a massive campus, well, at least compared to what I expected. It had hundreds of dorms and plenty of faculty to go around for the students. Needless to say that during that first visit, I was blown away and beyond impressed with everything I saw. So after looking more into it, there are definitely a lot of different reasons that I was even more inclined to go there. The first thing I looked at was the tuition, which was a surprising
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