My Life Journey

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Life is like a roller coaster it can take people in different directions, it has its ups and downs. But that's the beauty of life we can enjoy the finer things in life when we are up, and, we go thru the pain and suffering when we are down. But it is how we deal with the challenges in life that can make us stronger. Also, the ability to change oneself to adapt to a new environment is one of the essential skills that a person can possess in life. My life has been full of challenges since I can remember. But on November 23, 1997, my mother and I traveled from our home in Durango, Durango to Nuevo Leon Tamaulipas Mexico. We arrived in Nuevo Leon, and my father was there waiting for us to take us to my aunt's house we stay there for the rest …show more content…

There were always drugs, gangs, and a lot of criminal activity, but that was the only place my dad could afford, at least we had a roof over our heads. I thought the worst had happened from that point on it was going to be sunshine and rainbows. I was so wrong that was just the beginning of my nightmares once my parents had enrolled me in Second grade. I had become a victim of bullying the first few weeks I had no problems. But as the weeks went by I started noticing some of my classmates mocking me and laughing at me. Just simply because I could not communicate with them, I could not read, talk or write English. I tried to ignore it and move on, but it got worse later that day during recess a group of kids approached me I thought they wanted to play with me. Surely, I get surround; they started throwing rocks at me and calling me offensive words. I felt sick to my stomach why was I being treated that way if I didn't offend anyone. I wasn’t leaving the American dream, the dream that I heard people glorifying and I always wonder why people were always chasing the American dream. When I was living a true nightmare when I was chasing the American dream; the school had become my hell. My self-esteem had hit rock bottom: I hated myself I never wanted to go back to school, but I had no choice. I concluded that it was up to me to stop the bullying, it wasn’t easy my parents were in the same situation they could not speak English, and I didn’t have any

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