My Life : My First Day In Society

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It’s my first day at work and i’m already late because my alarm clock didn’t wake me up today for 7:00AM. I’m starting a job as an architect today and it’s one of the most important job’s in our society. If you're late on the first day you're automatically known as lazy in the gossip of the society. I walk into the white marble building set with marble columns on the front to hold up the structure, I spot the government security cameras in the corners of the buildings, they have those in every home and building in the society. People in the society see at an everyday security measure. We have full fidelity to our government. The homes in our society lack lots of privation nevertheless we can’t really complain. I let my silky brown hair flow behind my back, I don’t normally focus much on beauty nevertheless I can’t say I don’t look at myself in the mirror, admiring my hazel eyes. I see the desk clerk and she gives me a warm smile and talks in a sweet voice like you normally do to a small child. “Hello, how can I help you ma’am.” “I’m looking for someone named John Andrews,” I say in an anxious tone of voice. In a more stern voice she says, “I’m sorry but Mr. Andrews is waiting for someone named Caitlyn Rose.” “Yes i’m Caitlyn Rose, i’m here to see Mr. Andrews since i’m a new worker here.” “Ok ma’am follow me please.” We walked down an empty hallway with nothing but doors on each side of the walls. She showed me to a big narrow door at the end of the hallway and
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