My Life Of An Outstanding College For The Prestige

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Most people dream of going to an outstanding college for the prestige, but I dreamt of going to college to get away from my family. This might sound harsh, but I was not happy with my family situation. It was a hard decision, but I eventually decided that I needed to leave to become happy. Furthermore, I linked most of my problems with my living situations. It might have been tunnelled vision, but living with my parents causes me incredible stress. I lived with my mom and step-father that was not too fond of me. I was ostracized by him when I first moved to the country because he had a lot of trust issues. Also, he had anger problems that were always reflected at me. I needed to act like the perfect child to avoid as much contact from him. We lived under the same roof, but I did not talk to him unless I was spoken to. Honestly, I was terrified of him because of the angry demeanor that he presented. Me acting like the perfect child was sort of a defense mechanism that I automatically did to not ignite his anger. He would always make me do all the chores in the house and would disregard my own things to do and prioritized what he wanted to do first. I always blamed him for my restrained personality, so I wanted to move away from under his roof. I did not discuss my plans for college with my parents during my senior year in high school. I paid for my own SAT tutoring, SAT test, college applications and the down payment for attending the school. I tried to keep them in the

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