My Life With The Wave By Juan Rulfo

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The short story “My life with the wave” written by Octavio Paz is about a man, that is presented as the narrator in the story, that goes trough several events in the story, he first meets what is represented in the story as a “wave” and from there the story focuses on the relationship he develops with this wave, and how it affected his life from making him commit crimes to making him swing his mood with all the sudden mood changes the wave suffer due to all the external factor that could affect her. Another short story is “It’s Because We’re So Poor” by Juan Rulfo that focuses on the tragedy a family is living due to the fact that, because of the excessive rain and rivers flooding, they may lose the daughter’s cow, this meaning that the only…show more content…
He is the son of a family that lives in the countryside and owns a barn. He tells how they a living a natural disaster where the rivers are flooding and all the plants are getting washed away, but most importantly how “La Serpentina”, a cow that his younger sister owns, is nowhere to be be found, as well as her calf. The narrator decides to focus on this topic mainly because, as he has been taught, he fears that now nobody would want to marry his worthless sister, making her end up like their older sisters, being a…show more content…
I do not feel identified with this story, but I do feel that as a reality, referring to the natural phenomenon that the were living, and the pain that this caused alone could be very understandable form my personal point of view, however there are certain elements that gives this story its own reality that I do not feel identified with. On the other hand, from Paz’s story, personally, I could very easily understand the happiness and pain that he could suffer since the author uses devices to make the reader have empathy to the narrator and feel identified with his emotions, and even if they do not position themselves in the reality of living with a wave, most have their own personal interpretation of what their wave
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