My Love Essay

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My Love,
From the first moment when I heard your voice after so long apart I felt the same connection to your soul that I felt so long ago. I can still remember exactly how you looked the day we first met back then. Your beautiful eyes captured my heart and your smile erased all doubts that I had ever experienced. When you opened your arms I stepped into your loving, kind embrace and knew that I was home right where I had always belonged.
After so long apart you are still able to put me at ease and when your hand reached out to hold mine, I realized that I had found my future, my soul-mate and the love that I had always dreamed of discovering again after I lost that it so long ago. We spoke for hours about every possible subject and never ran out of words to say to each other.
When we meet up again after so long apart. I could see the longing and passion in your eyes and I am sure that it was a reflection of the incredibly intense desire that I was feeling at the same moment. The world had ceased to exist and there were only the two of us laying next to each other, holding hands and experiencing emotions that we had never felt before.
That very first weekend we spent together were the first best days of my life and I will never forget them. Having to tell you "Good Bye" and return home without you was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my life. Even knowing that you would call me on the phone later to wish me goodnight made our parting no easier to bear.

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