My Love In My Life

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It was a year ago when my life was completely different. Every face I saw looked of one to be traitorous, inside of myself, I saw a demon who could only treat others with disrespect and malice. I was broken, empty and betrayed. I was all alone. In July of 2016, everything in my life fell apart as I started to become more and more depressed by the minute. My life wasn’t inherently bad; I was healthy, my parents cared for me, and things were moving along perfectly fine, but there are things that can cause distress in the human mind and so many happened all at once sending me into a spiral downward. Previous to the following events my life had been fine. I’d spent almost a year with a girl who loved and cared about me more than anyone could have ever imagined, we did so much together. She was a beautiful young girl, a year younger than I. She was short, a little chubby, but a cute chubby, had long brown hair, wide green eyes that peered with love, pillowy lips that could draw any man in, and had the most flawless features of any girl I’d ever met. She spoke with a soft quiet voice and had this cute as of speaking. We would always do things together. We visited the zoo, spent countless nights and days just talking, even went to Disney World together. She would come to all of my band performances just to see me, she made every effort for me, including sitting in the hallways between classes to make sure just to get an extra minute or two to see me. We had almost one whole great

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