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“In my head, I’m just me, and yet when I go out into the world, people don’t see certain things about me.” (Sanna, page 29, paragraph 8) I’m the type of person who see things differently in the world as I construct my own opinions. As cheesy as it may sound, I like to believe that everything has a reason behind it; and that everyone has a purpose in life. Growing up, I never explored much of the world, but I felt that I didn’t needed to. From my parents' wise words to things I witness on television, I imagined what the world was. The only thing I truly knew was that I was surrounded by the love of my family and our furry companions. My childhood is something that shaped me into the person I am today.

If someone wants to get a better understanding of me, then they need to know my love for my pets. Every step of my life I have had many companions by my side. Growing up with them, I think is the best experience I could have had as a child. I been through a journey with every one of them; I saw many illnesses break down, and I discovered what loss felt like. With each death, I vow to never forget any one of them. Despite how young I was, I could understand the concept of death; and even though I missed them dearly, I knew they were at peace. Losing one of my pets wasn’t easy for me with how much love I have for them. I had issues with moving on, but with each reminder of them, I realized my passion in life. Like how a quote stated about loss of something and letting it go

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