My Memories Of My Life

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Happy Memory in My Life People have a lot of events occurring in their life. May be sad or happy events, and these events will never forget. It is difficult to keep the life without sadness events. People as much as possible try to remember the good events and forget the bad events. I skipped all bad events and I just remembered happy events. In my happy memory I will explain about my daughter first holy communion. There are a lot of things that I did to prepare for my daughter first holy communion. First, going to church with my daughter in 2013, my daughter had first Holy Communion. Each Saturday, I drop her at the church in the morning, and I come back to pick her in the afternoon. I helped my daughter to do her homework for the church. I always ask her if she needs help to answer the question that she could not understand the answer from her sister (teacher). I felt happy when I met with her sister (teacher) at the church to see how she is doing at the church. Her teacher told me, she is doing very well in her lesson. Sometimes I stay with her at the church when she takes her lesson, and I saw her how she is singing the hymn of God. The First Holy Communion for my daughter takes four months to finish it. Before two days, all the parents met with sisters to explain about the mass and talk about what the children should wear in the mass. I met with her sister (teacher) at the church to take the size for my daughter to make order for the dress that should

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