My Moment In My Life

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Not too long ago, I was high in the sky looking down at the white fluffy clouds below me wondering where my life was headed next. My decisions and everything else that came to mind, mainly wondering if being there in that moment was best for me. I kept looking around at others, maybe someone to talk too just to get my mind off of things, but instead told myself that nobody wants to talk about here. My mind doesn’t stop, I’m constantly thinking about the good, bad, and the ugly. So I pressed a button, then a lady appeared with a ginger ale and pretzels. I snacked then decided to sleep it off until we landed.
Having only just graduated and had no idea what I wanted to do. While everyone else was moving in and getting ready for their unforgettable experience of a lifetime, I was bumbling my way out of baggage claim to the street to try and find my ride. And instantly, cab drivers are in my face trying to get me to use their car service. This city was all about the hustle, but didn’t realize how quickly I would see it. Finally, my ride arrives. I hop in the car and I’m pleased to see my uncle and grandma. I haven’t seen them in forever, so we had tons to talk about, but avoided questions about what my next move was. On the drive to my Grandma’s house I couldn't stop looking in awe at all the brick homes, greenery and aggressive drivers. It felt as if I went back in time because all the buildings on Atlantic Avenue looked as if they were from the 1800’s to the 1970’s and have

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