My Moral Code Of My Life

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Everyone has a guiding ethical code that governs their life every day in ways unrecognized even by them. This code is derived from many different areas of one 's life, stemming from various experiences and traditions which influenced them as they grew. These influences can include school, church, parents, friends, and many others. My primary influences in this area have stemmed from my family interactions. I have a lot of parental figures in my life, each of which have strongly influenced me indifferent ways, from faith in God, to showing respect to everyone I meet, as well as a strong work ethic, and strong desire to do what is right and beneficial to those around me. One very important aspect of my moral code is the virtue of respect for those in my life. It was instilled in me from a very young age that I was expected to be respectful. "Sir" and "ma 'am" were required vocabulary, as were "please" and "thank-you". I was taught that you should always hold the door for someone as they walk in, to buy your friends a meal every now and then, and to always offer to help with any chore or task that family or friend is undertaking. This was expected of me as a child. As a result I 've also learned how to be respected as well. My parents both biological and others instilled in me that I deserve a gentlemen who opens doors for me to date, and friends and family that would drop what they are doing to come help me, as I have been taught to do for them. Another aspect of my

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