My Moral System Essay

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When thinking of creating a moral system for a whole society I began to wonder of how or where to start. How can I make the perfect moral system? This is the most important question that roams through my head. The first step of creating a moral system is to know how other societies worked with their right and wrong morals throughout history. This can give me an idea of what not to do or do in my moral system. The moral system that we all live in today would have ultimately came from the society, individual humans, and a greater transcendent above us. We all have some type of ethical and moral rule that we all follow from one of these three sources in present time. Knowing this in my life has given me a better understanding of how I can use this in my moral system and…show more content…
This is why consequentialism is such a good moral in any system. This also goes for virtue ethics, because we live in a world today that people could care less of other individuals. Virtue ethics would play a big role in my moral system just because the world would run smoother if everyone would helped each other out when needed. One of the concepts that goes with consequentialism is utilitarianism and I find that this would make the most compelling moral is one’s society. If we all and actually thought out “What should I do in this situation, what's the best consequences possible.” Then I believe that their would be a sought of better happy endings for others. Another concept in consequentialism is ethical egoism and I do not want to consider it in my moral system. I do not like the idea that everyone should act in their own self-interest. Moving on to non consequentialism, if this somehow got into my moral system and the act I had to choose would probably be intuitionism. I want people to have free minds, but make the right choices through
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