My Mother : A Short Story

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When I was at the age of three my mother was a very beautiful woman with the vicarious thrill of being a mother of two. My father who worked efficiently at his job of employment but yet was rarely at home to savor the joy of seeing his son’s very first steps. Living as a mother she often grew dreary of his actions; the feeling of depression and loneliness slowly crept upon her. On my fourth birthday my father of course worked once more, so my mother felt banal and brought him a piece of cake at work. As she walked through the doors she realized that another woman was perched upon my father's lap, and with this she grew furious. The red dress she wore complemented her face as it began to alter its color into a darker shade a red. The more she pondered on the thought of the hurt and pain she felt at that moment the more she realized what she needed to do not knowing that it would affect the life of her kids dramatically. A few weeks passed before she soon departed until I was able to captivate what had gone wrong to the once ebullient family. It was until I began my years at kindergarten when I realized that my “vicarious” mother was revealed to be a pompous woman in disguise who often beguiled others by her good looks and charm. A few weeks later my brother was soon to be set out for adoption; as much as my father tried he was unable to regain custody of him but was able to save me from suffering the same fate. The more I remained isolated from my mother the more I became

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