My Motivation to Start College

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Years ago, I never would have thought that I would be attending college. So much happened so quickly after high school that I just gave up on thinking that college was for me. Today, I hold my dreams in my hands. After much research, I chose Southern New Hampshire University as the school that I wanted to attend to pursue my degree online, due to the school’s high ratings, and flexibility of the online classes. I am on my way to earning an Associate Degree in Business Administration, which will give me a variety of career choices in a growing industry. I have a lot of motivation for going back to school which is to help further myself in my career, set a valuable example for my kids, and boost my self-confidence by proving to myself that I can achieve my goal of going to college that I have wanted since I graduated high school.
Furthering myself in my career is a huge motivation for starting college. I have come across quite a few good paying jobs out there, but they all seem to require a degree. All of my past jobs were around minimum wage, and I would like to finally be able to make well over minimum wage. I started going back to college in hopes that I will be able to advance in my career search. However, sometimes I wonder if college graduates are finding good jobs due to the economy. According to Current Issues in Economics and Finance, "unemployment rates for recent college graduates have indeed been quite high since the onset of the Great Recession" (Abel, Deitz, &

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