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Are you an angel investor in cyber security companies? Are you currently fund raising for your new cyber security company? Do you work in venture capital and invest in cyber? If you 've answered yes to any of these questions then you are are either producing slide decks which are too long or you are spending time looking at slide decks which are too long. Last year, I switched from being a cyber security executive to a venture capitalist focusing on early stage cyber companies. I had always been supportive of the start-up community and had done a bunch of angel investing. In 2016 I started focusing on angel investing full time and in 2017 I launched Gula Tech Adventures which is a fund focused exclusively on cyber security. Over the past …show more content…

Saying that you 've solved cyber security, you increase ROI, .etc isn 't enough to get an investor excited these days. Their next question will be "how?" or "so what?". If your "What" slide helps you differentiate from your competition, this makes it easier for an investor to get excited. Honesty and humility also goes a real long way with investors. Calling out exactly what your advantages are is something a venture capitalist or investor can work with. SLIDE TWO - THE "HOW" In one slide, describe how you do your "what" without giving away any proprietary secrets but conveying your ability and comprehension of the problem. Many pitch decks I see completely skip the "what" slide and start with the "how". I see many entrepreneurs dive right into the "how" as a first introduction to their company. This can be hard for an investor to figure out exactly why you are doing something or why a customer would want to spend money with you on your solution. The "how" slide should answer many of the basic questions without being evasive. Questions that need to be answered include: Cloud or on-prem. Which components are cloud? Don 't say artificial intelligence or machine learning. Instead be specific where you algorithms run on which data and how they manifest in the customer. Agents or no agents? How is it deployed? If you parse logs, which vendors are supported? If you have open source or commercial components, call them out. If it is a cloud solution, does

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