My Nursing Experience

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I have had many life experiences that have influenced my interest in becoming a nurse. My father is a family physician in the semi-rural area where I grew up. As I became old enough to participate, I had chances to assist my dad in minor procedures and clerical office management. I have also assisted my father outside of the office in helping to stitch up siblings and other family members after minor accidents occurred. I knew early on that one of my desires and strengths would be to challenge myself mentally while being able to empathize with others and provide a valuable service to them. While assisting my dad, I had the opportunity to engage all types of different people. I enjoyed learning about their physical and emotional strengths…show more content…
Delivery of medical care is a team effort. Being considerate of coworkers and working as a team allows the patients to receive the best care possible. As a nurse, I will be determined to provide considerate treatment to my coworkers and my patients. This will allow me to make connections on many different levels and better myself a nurse and a person. Communication is also crucial when working with patients to know what makes them both comfortable and uncomfortable. I will always take that into consideration. Being able to communicate well and be a team worker will help me greatly within my cohort, with regard to my professors and supervisors, and when I am in actual practice as a nurse. Working in my dads office has exposed me to a multitude of subjects. The more I saw, the more I learned. This experience has allowed me to understand that there is a progression of knowledge in medicine and nursing. My willingness to keep learning will enhance my nursing career. My mother is a special educator in an elementary school setting. Volunteering with special needs children both in the classroom and in a day camp setting has taught me a great deal about the physical, social, and emotional challenges of those with disabilities. I have an aptitude for health sciences. I have been able to grasp and master material easily regarding medical subjects. I took courses in high school that peaked my interest in nursing, such as anatomy. In college, it further

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