My Observation Of A Four-Year-Old Childhood

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Social Development: After my observation of Renaldo, I deduct that at the age of four years, a child begins to develop personality and as well as learning new materials at a rapid rate. Renaldo behaved the way I think children his age would behave. He shared toys and plays with his classmate shows that he is developing friendship and positive attitude. He was able to follow instruction. According to, four-year-old children want to be more self-reliant and seek to expand the areas of their lives where they can be independent decision-makers.

My subjective professional comments are that Renaldo is quite comfortable in communicating with his classmates. He understands the role of turn-taking in playing. Renaldo proves to me that
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According to, children this age can understand 2500 to 3000 words and will acquire an average of 2000 additional words during that year.
My subjective comments for Renaldo is that his language development is on par with his peers. His language development is age appropriate because of the amount of word sentence he uses. Sentences like, “Excuse me, May I have some water please?” and “We building a tall tower”. According to, the average four-year-old child has the capacity to acquire four to six words per day.
Emotional Health: Renaldo’s emotional health is on par with children his age. He was calm for the most part except for the one incident with the building blocks. According to, children at this age starts to develop greater self-control and ingenuity. Renaldo also demonstrates he can express his needs and opinions.
In my subjective professional comments, I believe Renaldo is emotionally stable for his age. He expresses his feeling and opinions clearly. He understands his feelings and expresses his discontent “See what you did?” and he was able to walk around the table and starts to fix the
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