Observation Questions And / Or Scientific Hypotheses

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Observation 2
My Name: Morgan Tubbs
Section 1: Observation questions and/ or scientific hypotheses
1. Describe the social and emotional development displayed by your child when you observed them.
Children during their early childhood start developing emotionally and socially. They begin to develop and recognize self-concept. This is when they become aware of their own abilities and develop a sense of who they want to be. Erik Erikson discusses in his theory initiative vs guilt that children at this age begin to figure out exactly who they will be one day (163). They understand how they are different from one another. They can tell the differences in physical appearances between someone else and their own self. Children can begin to tell someone else’s emotions as well. They can tell if they are happy, sad, upset, or angry. They also begin to associate with the same gender. They will usually play with the same sex child, when they are in a group with multiple people. These are important aspects that children learn early on in life. It is important to help are children to develop these skills.

2. In terms of speech and language development, what is the child able to do that they could not do as an infant? In other words, how have they progressed in their speech and language development?
Once a child hits the major milestone of saying a few words, they start to develop more in depth speech and language skills. It is crazy how fast a child will go from only crying to…
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