My Passion For Food

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Pleasure, survival, passion, greed, and enjoyment all link to one thing and that is food. There are those who are privileged enough to eat food for pleasure, those who eat for survival, and those who eat because of stress and so much more. Some people have so much passion for food they make a career out of it; while those who don’t just enjoy the gift they create. I, on the other hand, have a hate-love relationship with food: I eat it when I’m hungry, when I am stressed, and when I’m sad. At the end, I always end up feeling guilty for eating too much or too little. In fact, there’s times when I think about food more than I should and then again there are times when I don’t think about it at all. Neither of those options are healthy. I try to make good choices by eating veggies, fruits, and nuts and try to avoid meat. I try to have a plant based diet only, but I still eat meat when I have no other choice since my parents are the ones who cook. They got to pick what my sister and I ate unless we were asked if we wanted something in particular. To begin with, my relationship with food hasn’t been great. For one, I am a picky eater, which is one of the reasons why I don’t enjoy meat. Secondly, I used to binge eat, then I would feel guilty about it and would throw it up. As disgusting as that sounds, my beginning stages of bulimia are a big reason why I decided to change my diet and try a healthier alternative; however, I still slip once in awhile and make terrible food
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