My Passion For Law Enforcement Essay

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Personal biography I was born and raised in a high crime area in The Bronx. Once I saw a man from my window robbing the apartment across from me. I was scared and did not feel safe. During that time, I grew up watching a lot of crime shows, especially Law and Order Special Victims Unit. I loved watching this show because it was entertaining, relatable to my neighborhood, and had a strong female role. Over the years my neighborhood needed to be more help to make it a safe place for people who lives there. My passion for law enforcement has developed from wanting to reform my community and watching the television show Law and Order SVU, which dealt with neighborhood like mine. I will not have a dull moment because I’ll be active and meeting different kind of people. This explains why I chose to major in Criminal Justice at the University of Hartford.
Educational influences and courses in college

Throughout my three years at the University of Hartford, I have been taking classes towards my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, such as Law and the Justice System, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Methods of Social Research, Deviance, Criminology, International Organized Crime, Women in Crime, Juvenile Delinquency, Prisons and Correction, and Policing. These classes and professors were helpful for developing my future career options and obtaining my internship with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) summer 2016.
In fall 2013, I entered college knowing

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