My Passion For Law

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From what was a once unexplored subject, I have developed my sincere passion for Law through my college studies and also in my spare time. I would like to become a lawyer, well known for my competency and perseverance. I feel an industry recognised law degree will not only enable me to develop on my current legal knowledge, but also provide me with essential professional skills and experiences in order to achieve this career aspiration. One particular case which has interested me is that of Ahluwalia 1993. I have watched many news broadcasts and documentaries depicting this case, as I believe it was very important in changing the definition of provocation to consider sustained domestic violence and accept the notion of cumulative provocation. This case shed light on battered women’s syndrome, and showed how other mental conditions affect abnormality of mental functioning, which gives rise to a defence of diminished responsibility – therefore widening the defence. This case was one of the elements that drew me to pursue law as it reinforced the relationship between law and society. I have come to realise that the Law has a major social impact and contributes to making society what it is today, civilised. Law exists all around us; it engages with everything in society, from traffic laws to safeguards and food policies. This further attracts me to being able to work aside the law, because it will allow me to cover all sorts of interesting topics and impact the way people live

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