My Passion For Ophthalmic Research

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In every book, the same words appeared: “Myopia is generally corrected with the use of corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses.” No other option - I could only wear glasses for the next few years, until my eyesight had “leveled out”. Oh, the horror! My Grade 3 self’s hate of eyewear gradually faded, but the search for knowledge on the eyes became increasingly elaborate. It reached its zenith several years later, when my grandmother underwent surgery to remove a cataract. My quest for information evolved from simply learning about the eyes to exploring cataracts and other such diseases and disorders. The shock came shortly thereafter, when I realized the extent of my fascination for ophthalmic research and its clinical application. I received my first hands-on experience – a cow eye dissection – in grade 8. Examining the structure and elements of an eye up close was exhilarating, and it spurred me to continue pursuing my interest in the field. …show more content…

Incidentally, my inner strife was resolved by means of another love of mine - singing. Whenever I performed, I felt a heart-to-heart connection between me and my audience, and I would tell myself, “I want to create this bond every single day”. I wished to combine my passion for ophthalmic research with the powerful interpersonal connections I felt on stage; my answer was medicine. My prospective career choice was confirmed through the experiences gained while volunteering at the local hospital. I witnessed patient-doctor interaction in a clinical setting, which revealed to me that medicine, particularly ophthalmology, was the only career that truly bridged my commitment to serving those in need, my eagerness to create interpersonal linkages, and my calling to study the

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