My Passion For Research Paper

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it is certain that each human being needs a passion or goal to ignite the reason to live. Sports, the pursuit of wisdom and the strive for financial security have allowed me to live my life to the fullest. The passions I abide by and seek to fulfill are what forms the person I am today and the better man I search for tomorrow.
Sports have impacted my life and have been a passion of mine from a very young age. Playing sports gives me a vessel in which I can chase my better self. The constant need for self improvements implements goals and ambitions in to my life. Watching hockey, the Pittsburgh Penguins specifically, has allowed me to have an appreciation for the highest level of competition. It also provides me with a team to look forward to seeing each night and to root for. Sports have also increased my need and will to go out and enjoy life. Without sports such as soccer or hockey in my life, the necessity to be among my cohorts would be reduced significantly. Sports have and will continue to affect my life in a positive way.
The pursuit of wisdom is a passion that I seek to improve every day. Learning new concepts …show more content…

Success that I work towards in the future justifies the work I do today. Although school can be boring or make me weary, I know that there will be a payoff for the work I put in today. Without this meaningful ambition school would mean nothing but pass or fail. This passion of mine has allowed me to explore new interest that I would have not thought otherwise. I taught myself the world of finance and have invested in multiple stocks over the past couple years. This passion has also shaped my career choice as an investment banker. Without this passion, I would not be exposed to the world of finance which I have become obsessed with. It is evident that my strive for wealth has shaped the person I am today and who I will be in ten

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