My Perfect Path Essay

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Everyone has a path that is already set in stone. Yet, no one has remotely an idea of what that path is. Ever since I was a child, I had a hustler’s mentality, and therefore, I firmly believe my path is to become an entrepreneur and create multi-million dollar companies. However, we all know that life is unpredictable. According to multiple career assessments, my perfect path is the complete opposite of what I believe it is. After taking these assessments, I received a large variety of careers in the film, marketing, accounting, and even the talent industry. With that being said, my top three preferred careers are green marketing, actuary, and compliance management. Career 1: Green Marketer Career 2: Actuary Career 3: Compliance Manager
Day-to-Day Responsibilities Creates and implements methods to market green products or services Determines company policy and explains technical matter, Designs and reviews annuity and pension, analyze statistics, provides advice, Manage risks, Construct probability Maintains documents, Files reports, conducts investigations, Reports violations, disseminates policies, conducts reviews, Provides employee training
Education Required Bachelor’s Degree or higher, plus experience Bachelor’s Degree and SOA, CAS exams Bachelor’s Degree
Experience Required Marketing campaigns, strategies. N/A N/A
Estimated Salary Entry: 58k
Average: 130k
Experienced:208k Entry: 62k
Average: 142k
Experienced:208k Entry: 70k
Average: 131k

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