Donald Super 's Life Span Theory

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For many people, finding a career that is both fulfilling and practical is a strenuous task. Fortunately, there is a plethora of different interventions, techniques, assessments, and inventories designed to aid those individuals in making the wisest career choices possible. But are any of those routes inherently better than the others? Or are all the differing options separate but equally effective? Donald Super’s Life Span Theory and John Holland’s Theory of Vocational Choice are just two of the many theories used for career counseling. Both methods are distinct in the way they approach career issues, yet despite their differences, there are some resemblances between the two theories as well. Comparing and contrasting these two theories will make it easier to see if one theory is better than the other for career counseling or if they are both equally effective. Super’s Life Span Theory is one of several developmental theories. Developmental theories are concerned with career choices made over an individual’s lifetime. They are based around the influence that biological, psychological, sociological, and cultural factors have on career decisions as well as other choices that are made in a person’s life. Super’s Theory is different from other developmental theories because it proposes that psychological and socioeconomic factors have a role in the development of the self, that self-concept affects vocational development, that both individual and life roles play a key part in

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