My Personal Definition Of Organizational Behavior Essay

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This paper will outline my personal definition of “organizational behavior” and how it affects the workplace in a both positive and negative way. As I established a definition for organizational behavior on my own, I realized how broad the term really is. I will discuss the different leadership styles and how they benefit the workplace, how the employees work ethic is based on the different organization structures, how organizational behavior can be promoted by organizational constraints, and how culture can affect the workplace negatively. Each topic discussed will relate back to organizational management and how it affects employees and their employment. Embedded into the research included, by others, I have added my own personal theories and examples to lay out how organizational behavior is significant in different ways. This research paper will include the following researcher’s examinations, Hyten, Kaifi, Noori, Tomer, and Treven. With their past research I am able to show evidence of how my personal definition is precise.

Organizational Behavior in the Workplace Organizational Behavior has become essential to the workplace and how different individual’s behaviors affect the outcome of their tasks. I have defined organizational behavior as “the detailed observation of a specific person or group and how their different behaviors and structures affect each organization they work for, as a whole.” With the in depth research of many scholarly articles,

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