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As an academically mediocre student, I never learned very well from teachers, since nothing they were teaching me ever grabbed my attention, unless it was related to my immediate interests at the time. I spent years 1st to 5th grade never enjoyed the writing process, since my mind was always a inattentive place, because of this I never caught onto things like punctuation or proper grammar, causing most of my written assignments to be nothing more than linguistic vomit on paper. It was not until 6th grade rolled around, that my best friend at the time, Catalina, had sent me a link through text. It was to a website with too many words and not enough pictures, so it did not really occur to me what she had sent until I was lying in bed and I finally opened the message backup. I skipped the page, and I noticed it was piece written about characters from a show we both enjoyed, and as I read this story, I noticed how poorly written it was. In the back of my mind, I told myself “Even you could do better than this”, and I felt the slightest burn of confidence in the pit of my stomach, a feeling I had never felt before.
That night I opened up the wordpad program on my Mother’s old computer, and got to writing. The first thing I had ever written and enjoyed was a awful and generic FanFiction about my favorite book series at the time “Maximum Ride”. I was there for hours, and watched the sun peek over the trees of my backyard, as I wrote until I couldn't anymore. I saved it without

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