My Personal Nursing Philosophy

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Nursing began with the reformation by Florence Nightingale. Nursing philosophy, science and research all define the nursing profession. The profession of nursing has advanced because of the concepts of philosophy, science, knowledge, and research. These concepts continue to develop into advanced practice nursing. The nursing process implements critical thinking skills and applies accountability to nursing. Two important philosophical foundations of science are rationalism and empiricism. These strategies help create nursing theories. Philosophy is a set of ideas, beliefs or values. Our own personal values and beliefs must be clear in order to meet the healthcare needs to our patients (Masters, 2017, p. 112). My own personal nursing philosophy and the beliefs that are important to me are discussed. The modern legend, Virginia Henderson, has theories similar to my beliefs. These are the beliefs and values that support my method of nursing. What is your personal nursing philosophy? Keywords: nursing philosophy, nursing science, nursing research, rationalism, empiricism Nursing Philosophy and Influences The nursing leaders of the past are responsible for the development of our current nursing practice and how nursing became a profession. These theorists developed the nursing knowledge and science that is used today to guide the practice of nursing. Nursing knowledge and philosophy also framework research and theories based on the nursing professional. Understanding the
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