My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Ever since I was in 9th grade, I realized my goal was to become a nurse. The countless hours I spent volunteering at the different areas in the hospital gave me a chance to explore the healthcare field. In the hospital, I interacted with plenty of patients while putting a smile on their faces. Assisting patients in non-medical ways such as bringing ice chips or a crossword puzzle to the patients helped me to understand that I wanted a profession that would allow me to work with people and make a difference in their lives. From that point forward, I would work hard to achieve my dream in becoming a nurse. Even though I was not consciously thinking of it at the time, I now see that my volunteer experience at …show more content…

Nurses use the nursing process which includes assessing, diagnosing planning, implementing, and evaluating to provide holistic, patient-centered care. These five steps build upon one another and all involve medical knowledge in one way or another. For an example, if a patient is diagnosed with a risk for impaired skin integrity, the nurse would need to know why possible nursing interventions would include educating the patient on keeping their skin dry and repositioning the patient every two hours. Additionally, nursing is an art as it focuses on the skills that nurses use to help patients attain their optimal health and quality of life. Eydenburg asserts that nursing becomes an art “when the nurse adopts the caring skills of compassion and empathy” (as cited in Castledine 2010). These skills play a role in the connections and relationships that a nurse establishes with their patients. One of my goals as both a student nurse and a future RN is to form relationships with my patients to the point where they trust that I will provide them with the utmost quality of care while fulfilling their needs and requests to the best of my ability. By looking at the science and art of nursing, it is easy to see that the patient is the subject and central focus of nursing. Nurses use science and medical knowledge to come up with a nursing diagnosis for the patient and then create a plan of action

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