My Personal Statement On My Life

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One evening when I came home from tennis practice, I saw my parents talking to each other in the same room; which was unusual, considering they have not spoken with each other since their divorce, and typically begin to argue when they communicate. They told me to have a seat on the pew of my piano because they had something important to address. My father had opened the conversation with one question: "Do you know what you 're going to do when we 're no longer here to support you?" I sat there contemplating what my answer will be, but all that came to mind is: I don 't know. Both of them initially began conversing about college, the career paths available for me, and those that would let me live a comfortable life. However, in my mind, I understood that all the jobs that paid well were not for me, but I withheld my thoughts and continued to listen to what their viewpoints. My parents wanted me to choose an occupation that pays well, but as for me, I 'm using college as a conduit to explore new opportunities and find a profession that I can enjoy, whether I live a comfortable life in it or not. Recently I 've been inexorably interested in the field of architecture and the concept of creating new ideas out of nothing. My mother was an architect back in her country, but was forced to leave due to growing civil disputes happening in the country. When she arrived in the United States, she gave up on her dream and looked for a job that could provide for us without going back to

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