My Personality Revealed And Defined By Pearson Education Essay

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This paper explored facets of my personality revealed and defined by Pearson Education, as well as insights gained from our textbook, Type Talk at Work and The Gospel and Personal Reflections. With the results from the assessment test I will relate the different personality categories to how I operate in the organization, how I relate to others in the organization and life in the organization. Each of these categories will reveal scores that will signify high or low ability, consequently indicating where improvement is needed for better organizational results. Moreover, Dr.Fischer underscores that organizational behavior is predicated on individual behavior that’s affected by individual personality traits. Furthermore, the more we understand our personality type, the better we will be at understanding others. Likewise, grounded in my Christian worldview and framework we know that sin can also be found in our personality traits and it’s through the discovery of our flawed selves, we can self- correct in our personal and corporate lives. Step 1 What About Me? After completing 20 assessments, I gained tremendous insight regarding my personality, values and attitudes, motivation, and decision making. The four most helpful assessments were Type A personality traits; Self-awareness; Job orientation; Career orientation, and call orientation; and lastly the creativity scale (Pearson Education, 2016). My personality, score 51, represents a healthy balance

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