My Personality Test For General Psychology

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After taking the personality tests for general psychology in Lab 2, I am both intrigued and surprised by my results. Prior to this class, I have taken other personality profile tests due to my fascination with the way the human mind works. I have found that understanding my own personality, as well as the personalities of others helps immensely when trying to interact and relate to the people closest to us. Before I began this summary, I needed to know more about the determination of me being an ESFJ. Initially, I did not agree with the findings of this particular test. I have the capability of being extroverted, but tend to be more introverted than I was aware of when I was younger. This was a very interesting activity. I learned some …show more content…

Being well organized has also helped me stay on top of my family’s finances, which correlates to maintaining good credit. With the phallic test score, I agree that the sexual part of my life is well balanced. The latency score intrigued me. This section alleges that I have achieved balance within the realm of abstract knowledge, being practical and dealing with my responsibilities, and creative capacities and interests. I like to strive for balance in all things, which agrees with that score quite nicely. Regarding the genital score, reading the results made me feel like it was claiming that I am stuck up and set in my ways. I do not agree with that. I am not a close-minded person. I have my own core values and beliefs and feel that although I am content with them, I do not project them on anyone else or claim that my way is the best for everyone. Within this section, it discussed my aversion to change. I feel it is easy to misinterpret my opinions about change. I am able to adapt and ride the waves of change just fine, but my subconscious (id) likes to oppose it from time to time. I love balance, stability, and familiarity. I have not had a ton of those characteristics in my life, which is probably why I cling to them. I understand that change does not always have to carry negative connotations. Many positive changes are necessary to our growth. The Maslow test was next. Maslow’s test is based on our inherent hierarchy of human

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