Typology Vs DISC Assessment

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Taking both the Jung Typology and the DISC assessments were interesting to me. The results I received did not surprise me too much because I have taken a few personalities based test before. The difference in those times and this is that this time I was careful and really took my time because I wanted to see accurate results from both assessments. I noticed that by actually looking at accurate results from two separate assessments I was able to see some patterns that I can honestly say are pretty accurate when looking at how I do things in different situations. The first assessment that I completed was the DISC assessment. The DISC assessment showed me four components of my behavior. It showed me how I approach problems and…show more content…
I am calm and steady and attempt to get things done on time. When it comes to establishing rules and protocol I am very cautious. I am a perfectionist and need things to be done a very specific way. The second assessment I completed which was the Typology assessment showed that I am an ESFJ or have the following characteristics Extraverted Sensing Feeling and Judging. This assessment showed me that I am outgoing and also very serious. I like to be in charge and enjoy positions of leadership. I have a strong sense of right and wrong and want things done correctly and in a timely manner. Ironically this also shows that I have a soft side to me. The results describe me as someone that wears their heart on their sleeve. I am easily hurt event though would think someone who loves being in control so much would be a bit more rugged and tough. This was interesting to me because it is very accurate to my personality. It also describes a characteristic I have noticed about myself at work. It describes me as vigilant or the world around me. It almost says I’m paranoid about things and believe the world is a dangerous…show more content…
I want things done right but I am also cautious about giving out directions. I don’t want to mislead anyone or give anyone false information. I interact with people in a way that shows a lack of interest in them at times. I can come across as selfish because I get easily caught up in trying to convince someone that I’m right and that my way is the correct way. In trying to communicate to someone that I am correct I become easily focused on me and forget about them and how their ideas might play out in different situations. The leadership style I hope to achieve is that of someone more companionate and understanding. I want to have the confidence to lead people without feeling the need to be mean and rude about it. I feel like I currently lead people with authority and speaking loud. I want to work on that and become someone more reasonable and relatable to others. I believe that a true leader shouldn’t have to be rude or too serious to get others to respect and listen to his or her instructions. I want to be a leader who leads by example and can guide people without using an iron fist so to
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