My Personality Traits Of A Nurse

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Ever since I was a young child I have wanted to be a nurse. The older I have gotten, the feeling of wanting to be a nurse has only gotten stronger. When I began to work in a hospital and was constantly surrounded by nurses, I was often asked what type of nurse I would want to be. This was a question that I had never had a definite answer for, as I had always just known that I wanted to be a nurse. In completing this career research report I have been able to explore multiple careers that I may be interested in in the nursing field. I have learned the importance of looking into what personality traits would be required for a job that I would be interested in and comparing those personality traits to traits that I already possess. I …show more content…

The minimum schooling requirement for a nursing program is a bachelor 's degree in both education and nursing. The duties of a nursing professor would be to plan lessons, teach students, and supervise students while they were working in a clinical setting. Nursing professors often are required to work long hours due to the fact that they have to accompany nursing students while the students complete their clinical hours (“Nursing Instructors”). Nursing professors earn a much higher salary than a typical teacher but less money than a nurse. The average pay is around $60,000 dollars a year. The outlook for this job is a 14 percent growth in the next 10 years, which is a much higher growth rate than most other jobs (“Nursing Professor”). The typical workplace environment for people with this job would be on a college campus and in a hospital setting. While it is possible to work as both a nursing professor and a nurse at the same time, many nursing professors report that they spend all of their spare time planning lessons for their student and grading their students assignments (“Nursing Instructors”). Something that surprised me about this job is that on top of teaching classes, nursing professors also have to attend their student’s clinicals. Prior to doing this career report I assumed that students would either go to their clinicals alone and have a manager report to their teacher or that their would be a different person in

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