My Personality Traits Of A Personality

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A key to succeeding in the workforce is being able to understand different personalities, and learning to working with them in any environment. Being able to learn about others personalities helps one build successful relationships with others. Learning about one self-typed personality will also assist with self-understanding and self- awareness. Taking a Jungian 16- Type Personality test online, a 64 question test, I was able to determine my personality type to be ENTJ, and my temperament being NT. Results from this test revealed a general description of my personality trait, and how my personality trait interacts in social, relationship and career situations. The website also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of my ENTJ personality, as well as how my personality interacts with the other 15 personality traits. In this paper I will discuss my ENTJ personality trait in detail, as well as the effects it will have on my future career.

Step 1: Jungian Personality Test

Often times personality interactions are only viewed in social settings, with work personality interactions often overlooked. It is important to observe different personality interactions in the workforce to determine how to successfully run a business, while still providing a peaceful work environment to employees. In order to determine personality types, many take the Myers-Briggs personality test, a 16 question test that bases its results off of preferences (C. 1998). There are many…
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