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Education Philosophy My philosophy is that teaching is building lifelong habits so students have the skills, knowledge, and motivation to be successful learners. My role as a teacher is to engage students’ interest in learning, to create a supportive learning environment, and to provide resources for all students in my classroom. My relationship with students is one of encouragement, structure and patience. I encourage all students to be actively involved in their learning and I use a variety of methods to encourage discussion and interaction. Some methods I frequently use in my teaching are questioning techniques, gradual release of responsibility (I do, we do, you do), educational protocols like pair-share, and incorporating the use of technology with students. In creating lesson plans, I consider students’ developmental needs and learning styles. As a teacher, I create a responsible classroom that has respect, cooperation, and the belief that each student can be a successful learner. I believe respect is earned as a teacher by being fair, firm, and friendly and I play a key role in modeling how to be respectful to others in the classroom. Respect is demonstrated daily through student classroom interactions like being helpful to others and listening to others. I also believe it is important to not take things personally as a teacher because students are still trying to learn both academically and behaviorally and being calm is important to developing a positive

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