My Teaching Philosophy : My Philosophy Of Education

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As I progress in my undergraduate studies, I find myself growing an appreciation for education and lifelong learning. I did not always know that I wanted to be an educator and perhaps I did not initially choose this path for the right reasons, but throughout this process, I have found that I have had a change in the source of my motivation. When I first stepped foot into the classroom as an educator, I was intimidated, I was nervous, and I had doubts in my decision to spend the rest of my life standing in front of a classroom, teaching a room full of children. It was not until I was able to make a connection with each of the students that I began to realize that teaching is so much more than being an instructor. Teachers are an inspiration; teachers are supportive; they are a positive influence, an academic advisor, a life coach, and are encouraging; teachers are not just an instructor. Through my various field placements at Newcomer Academy, Louis E. Dieruff High School, and Southern Lehigh High School, including my teaching experience at Lehigh Valley Summerbridge, I have established a desire to teach a diverse group of students from various economic and cultural backgrounds. My teaching philosophy is developed to foster an environment that supports these types of learners. I strive to be the teacher that ignites the spark and fosters the fire for a passion of learning. I will meet this goal through revealing my students’ academic potential. Although content knowledge is

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