My Philosophy Of Teaching For Teaching

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When I was learning about teaching in college classes my philosophy of education was different than when I actually started doing my student teaching. As soon as a teacher enters the classroom, it should be his/her second home.
Teaching is a field of occupation where teacher needs have these two personality traits: patience and flexibility. Not all teachers are same thus each has their unique way of teaching students. My philosophy for teaching is very simple and fair. I would like to incorporate fun element when teaching so that students are more interested and engaging when learning. Teacher should be very respectful to each and every student in the classroom as every student has a unique personality. I believe teaching is one of the more difficult jobs, as you have to balance teaching students what they need to learn in education and in life.
Philosophy of Education I believe that everyone develops his or her own teaching style. My philosophy involves imparting just the right amount of guidance. With appropriate guidance, every student is capable of a higher level of success in academics. These can be done by promoting creativity, emphasizing on the importance of education, and letting them think independently. Students have their own strengths and weaknesses which make them unique. Teachers should work on these attributes by incorporating the ideas of students themselves. Specifically, I believe that conducting an assessment at the end of the lesson can…

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