My Philosophy Of Writing

Decent Essays
Writing has always been something I really enjoy doing. However, in my mind, I do not think I am that good of a writer. My mom really enjoys my writing and has stated many times to me that she thinks I am very good at writing. Somehow I just do not see it. I think I am an okay writer, but I would like to get better. My goal for this year is to gain more confidence when it comes to my writing and to stop being my own worst critic. Something that I am good at when it comes writing is writing on my blog. When I am writing a new post on my blog, I do not feel stressed or worried about using the biggest and greatest words there are. Having said that, I still try to be very descriptive with my words and I try to use words that make my writing pop out. Another part of writing that I feel I am good at is writing poems. When I can get personal in either writing a blog post or a poem, then I usually find myself having a much easier time writing it. The thing I love about poems is that it is another way of expressing yourself. I am really good at expressing myself in my poems and blog. While I am writing on my blog or creating a poem, I feel very confident in the way it is going and how it sounds. These are the things I have grown to be comfortable with. That being said, I do know I need to get out of my comfort zone and face my fears with essays. So something I am going to aim for this year is to work on getting better at writing essays. When it comes to
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