My Plan For A Workout Process

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The two week program made me apply the concept of FITT. This acronym stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. Frequency refers to how often you exercise. It 's the balance of how much you do or don 't work out. Intensity is described as how hard you exercise. It’s how much you push yourself. As we all know, time is the amount of time you spend exercising and how long you do so. With Type, it is what type of exercise you undertake in the workout process. I will be using all four of these in my two week program as I exercise.
On day one of my exercise prescription I will start light with a steady paced jog. My frequency will just be one as I start this program gradually. My intensity will be between twenty to forty percent. I want to stay at a lower rate as I begin to avoid complete soreness and cramps. For my time, I will jog for a solid thirty minutes. Body conditioning is the type of exercise being done. It 's a conditioning for your body and preparing it for the next few days of your training. Day two will consist of pushups and squats. I plan on my frequency being two this day. My intensity will be about thirty percent since I will be doing five sets of pushups for a total of thirty. I won 't exceed twenty minutes for my time. The type will be considered light work for your arms and legs. On day three, my frequency will increase to three as i 'm building muscle strength. My intensity will also increase to about forty-five percent. The time on this will be

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