My Plan For Self Improvement

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1. In which two or three time management behaviors do you need to improve the most?
The three areas that require the most improvement are placing contacts/tasks in one place, having the ability to say no when necessary and knowing exactly where the time goes in a day.

2. What steps can you take to improve these behaviors?
The steps that can be made to help improve my time management behaviors are to place all information on my cellphone because I carry it with me everywhere I go. I also could link the calendar on my phone to my home computer allowing me to plan ahead of time of what I may need to do when I get to work A way that I could improve on stopping myself from taking every task that comes my way is to suggest some else to do it or if in a leadership role delegate to someone. Ways that I can help to start tracking my time management is keeping a log of how much time is spent doing each task. It is by no means a perfect science, but it is a start.
3. What are the first two or three steps you will take?
The first few steps that I am taking are to start keeping a weekly schedule of assignments/tasks that need to be done and while I prioritize them figuring out how long they should take. After I finish my work day keep a daily log of how I spent my time throughout that day. Allowing me to overlook areas where I may be wasting time and come up with ways that I can be more productive.

4. How will you measure your results and know
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