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1) Personal SWOT analysis.

· Confident - I feel that I am a very confident person, in a number of different aspects. I'm confident when presenting to a large crowd, confident in my academic ability, aswell as confident in putting my ideas across to another.
· Sociable - I am a very sociable person, and like to be around friends alot of the time. I am easy to get along with, and believe that people enjoy my company. I like to go out and socialise and play football on weekends with friends.
· Approachable - I am a very approachable person, my friends know they are able to come to me for anything, from advice for personal issues, to help with work.
· Caring - I am an
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i believe i am a funny person in general, so people tend to be easy around me and not feel uncomfortable if they do not know me.
· Balanced lifestyle - My work life, university and social life are balanced well. I have many interests in sport, learning and music, and i find it relatively easy to prioritise and balance different aspects of my life. I know what is more important if i had to make a decision.


· Time Management - I find myself to be a poor time keeper, and my general awareness of time could be better. · IT ability - I havent studied IT since the age of 13, and as i am now 21. i have poor knowledge of programs like excel. Although i am able to use other office programs like Word, and Powerpoint adequately. · Motivation - i need to be interested in a topic/module in order for me to motivate myself quickly, its the first push i need to get me started. · Unorganised - I am quite unorganised, and tend to misplace items. · Peer Pressure - Being a typical university student, i can sometimes succumb to the preessure of flat mates peer pressuring into going on a night out, when i need to look after money, or get up early. · Method of revision - i have multiple ways of revising work completed throughout the year, this can act as a weakness as it takes time for me to realise the best method. · Too Sociable - Can be
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