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I am very pleased to once again tender to the Capella Graduate Admissions Committee my portfolio of interest in your PSYD Program in Clinical Psychology. As a Native-African Practitioner-In-Training, I am cognizant of the growing challenges confronting the workforce of our American society which is becoming more culturally diverse. As a result, this diverse workforce has equally become an asset in serving the adequate needs of a multicultural population that also comprise our patient populations. Most employers have attempted to apply the use of mindfulness approaches to thoroughly assess how our actions, individual responses, decisions, social problems encountered affect how we as clinicians provide services to both a multicultural client population and interact with colleagues .
It is evident that some form of inductive learning via the acquisition of an advanced level degree, I know very deeply can help me use optimal knowledge competency and apply well-matched cultural values to western interventions as my individual contribution to solutions that address this as an indigenous problem. I currently assess my Masters of Science degree in psychology from Capella University as presenting me as a mini-asset to my current employers, which could be strengthened by tools found within a Capella PSYD curriculum.
As one of the 2 only native-African Psychology Associates serving our hospital setting, I look forward to becoming the first native-African Psychologist who will

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