My Practicum Experience

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My practicum experience for the fall semester has been absolutely phenomenal.The school I had decided to pursue my practicum is Daniel L. Perez Elementary School and is located in Yigo. The reason why I had chosen that school was the environment and kindness that radiated from that place and people. From the moment I called and was spoken to by one of the staff, I felt immediately felt welcomed. I knew without a doubt that this would be an amazing school for me to step into my field of work. Although fall semester was the official time I had been graded for this experience, my true experience took place in the summer where I had originally began this path. In the summer, I had volunteered to be a part of the summer school program for Daniel L. Perez and went everyday of the week from seven in the morning to 12 in the afternoon. Those six hours I spent from Monday to Friday, were the best hours of my entire summer as I spent it with amazing children who looked up to me as their role model. I was also given the opportunity to teach an environmental lesson to all the children who were enrolled in the program. I educated my students about the importance of a healthy environment and the impacts of trash on the island. It was a struggle teaching my lesson to the higher grades as my presentation geared towards first and…show more content…
I feel that I did less of what I was supposed to do in summer school as the program heavily focused on getting the children on the right track for the upcoming school year. In the summer, I helped the students with their work and did not get to teach much nor spend quality time with the students. Now that I have experienced a regular school year schedule, I realize that I attend to the students’ needs more and give each and every student equal attention and care. I enjoyed myself more and gained a lot of experience than I did in the summer school
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