My Purpose Of Art

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When you're afraid of making mistakes, but do so anyway... when you allow yourself time to fix those mistakes—that is when you succeed.

I use art as a form of escape. At least, that was its initial purpose. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t good (because I was, like, 5). Art made me happy and so I simply continued to make it. I took every art course that my school allowed me to and the few years when they didn’t offer one were torture for my small self. Years later, with permission from my art instructor, I skipped an art course and took AP Studio Art (a senior class) during my junior year. This was the first time that I had the freedom to create whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. My artistry improved drastically alongside my enthusiasm for learning new skills. I went from drawing with pencil to painting with acrylics and watercolors, drawing digitally, sculpting, and even making jewelry. It was like I discovered my passion all over again. Art started to become something more to me, and soon I had dreams of becoming an artist. However, it wasn’t until I went to Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) over the summer before my senior year that I truly grasped the struggle of becoming an artist. Throughout my whole life, I only thought of art as a necessity; I needed it to stay calm, happy, and organized. But in just three weeks, I realized that the fundamentals of art posed questions that, to me, were on the scale of dinosaurs, aliens, Greek mythology, and even

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