My Reflection Of Norwalk Community College

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Norwalk Community College, I did not have any plans to attend this College, my original plan was to attend Universal Technical Institute, for their General Motor program (GM), but it was only available in Arizona. Disappointed I decided to attend Norwalk Community College. I made a major error by not taking the placement test for freshmen seriously, I just skimmed by so I could get out as quickly as possible I ended up placing in English-88 and a basic a basic math course, I was not able to take English my first semester because of a scheduling issue, but I did try to take it my second semester at night sadly it ended up being canceled from lack of students enrolling. I believe that taking English-88 my third semester worked out better then it would have if I had taken it my any other semester, and I have noticed major changes in my writing because of this course. English-88 has helped me improve my writing in three major ways. …show more content…

Using these key writing elements I am now able to create a well-planned out essay, with the use of proper examples to support my topic sentences, Using these elements my writing has become more descriptive and to the point, being able to create a proper topic sentence allows my examples to have a larger impact for the reader, which in turn allows my topic sentence to be clearer . These are key factors to a proper writing peace, I was able to not only learn about these writing elements, and put them to use but after a entire semester of English-88 I feel as if I have learned to use them effectively, something I was not bale to do

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