My Reflection Of The History Of Portland

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Throughout this course, the history of Portland was discussed and I found it extremely interesting. In my high school I took only one class on history our side of my state and it was the simple world history and we never covered the histories of other states within the United States. With in the Hawaiian culture, our history is so important and we study it constantly because we feel that it is information that is crucial to knowing who you are and where you come from. So when I came to Portland and I learned that this state has a history too it surprised me a little because I realized how much we as highschool students were sheltered from the rest of the world and their histories. Though learning the history of Portland and how it became the beautiful city that it is today really was exciting. Learning about all of the events and obstacles a city faces to create such a diverse environment like this is truly humbling and made me appreciate the journey so much more.

I was really impacted by the bi-weekly reading responses. These responses when you are doing them seem to be nothing and almost information that is cool to read but doesn't really apply to what you are learning in the class, but as you start to do the bigger assignments I found my self referencing and pulling knowledge that I learned from the responses all the time. The responses also really encouraged a lot of different ideas and perspectives to be pushed out into the class discussions and they really made me

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