My Responsibility I Maintained In My English Class

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Personal Responsibility Reflection Essay When it comes to the responsibilities I maintained in my English class, I believe that I have both hindered and helped my success. I hindered my success by not adhering to the syllabus, not following the rubric for certain assignments, and not procrastinating. I helped my success by not procrastinating, bringing my textbook to class, communicating with my instructor, and utilizing tutoring services. By not adhering to the syllabus, I have failed at least 2 assignments which deducted my grade by 30 points. The first assignment that I failed was the homework 2 assignment because I turned it in the wrong way. Had I read the syllabus, I would have spotted the error and corrected it. The second assignment…show more content…
I am the type where I cannot do rushed assignments and I have to take my time, so it was a relief to do things earlier. Bringing my textbook was also a major success factor because it helped me to concentrate more on the lecture and be interactive with the class. Also, if I didn't bring my textbook it would hinder my grade because I would receive a zero for my participation grade. Communicating with my instructor helped me understand more about the assignment and made it easier for me to finish the requirement. I realized a big difference in my grade from when I was emailing my professor about my confusions and trying to figure it out on my own. The last success factor I want to talk about is utilizing tutoring services. This was the biggest help in my opinion because they helped me figure out my own problems and communicate with others efficiently. Overall, I believe that these factors, which helped and hindered my success, made me grow as a person and gave me the best experience I have ever had. Without my mistakes made, I would have never learned and step up to the hall of success. Mistakes make me who I am today and I am blessed to experience
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